The Rail View

We travel the world
the scenes rolling by:
lush grasslands, fat cattle,
canals reflect sky.
And there’s poverty, misery,
affluence, greed;
all life’s rich miscellany and these are its seeds.

We compare from experience,
reflect and contrast.
We’re critics, we’re cynics,
giving praise where we must.
The point of this travel?
Well there’s no point at all,
we’re voyeurs, put simply,
who answered the call.

The call to go wandering
footloose and free,
and the discomforts experienced
are part of the fee
we pay with alacrity and yes, with our time
just to see others’ lives as we
gladly pass by.

We leave them their struggle,
their daily hard grind.
Of their trials, tribulations?
we pay them no mind.
And when we are finished
well there’s no change at all,
to us, or to them, and if I recall,
one returns slightly giddy
to pick up the threads
of a life that’s the same as theirs
when all’s said!

Copyright © J Cedric Watkins 2009