In The Mood

Oh shock! Oh horror! Look what I’ve become.
An aficionado of travelling for fun.
The coffee is perfect, the wine cheap and good.
The pastries, the foodstuffs, the bread, and the mood
of the people is one of great bonhomie.
And the sun, it is shining for just you and me.

But if, when it’s drizzling,
I write with disdain:
Of the people, poor plumbing – which causes blocked drains!
Of communication, or lack of it really!
Of lugging ones baggage through stations that nearly
Are big as ones home town but much more confusing
(’cause they’re on six levels, with post, banks and shopping)!
Of moving and moving and breathing exhaust fumes!
Of so many sad losers, lives wracked and in ruins!

Well just  pay no heed! ‘Cause I have discovered
Antiquity, history, here in this Europe.
Architectural beauty, especially ancient,
Can give one a lift from the stress and the torment.

Culture, agriculture, architecture, all old,
Are somehow uplifting and make one so bold,
As to go on quite gaily and quite nonchalant.

Oh, another Brasserie!

More café and  croissant?

Copyright © J Cedric Watkins 2009