Daily Bread

Give Us Our Daily Bread

Sourdough White Bread

As many long distance travellers will know, the simple pleasures of life can take on extraordinary significance. I speak here of sustenance, and it doesn’t get much simpler than that ‘staff of life’ – bread (with, of course, a drizzle of olive oil if available) 🙂

Holey Sourdough White Bread

While wintering at home in ‘down under’ Australia this year we decided to try and recapture the texture and flavours of food from our Mediterranean travels.

So, in learning to make real breads, yogurt and cured olives we have now found ourselves joining the ranks of ‘real food’ fermentation aficionados.

Creating our own sourdough starter from spelt, we have learned to make a number of delicious crusty and healthy loaves of bread. As this bread-making process involves the ‘pre-digestion’ of flour, it means we can eat more of it 🙂

Sourdough Bread White

Then we chanced upon an olive tree laden with fat fruit. We returned with gleaming eyes and a bucket to carefully pick our ‘share’, then headed back home to plan our fermentation strategy. After soaking them for a few weeks in a salt brine, we transferred some of the olives into another jar and seasoned them with spices, lemons, garlic and olive oil. It wasn’t long before we were able to sit at the table and greedily devour them with our crusty bread.

Homemade Cured Olives

For yogurt, creating our own chilli starter was a bit of a challenge. We used un-homogenised extra creamy cow’s milk and some chilli stalks. After a couple of attempts our perseverance finally paid off. Now we have an ongoing supply of delicious, thick-and-creamy textured yogurt. Before it runs out, we save about a cupful to make the next batch.

We have also started making cheese curd, too, using lemons from the backyard and un-homogenised milk. This was a great introduction to making cheese and we hope to move on to more challenging cheese-making recipes.

Cheese Curd

Sliced Cheese Curd

We are finding great satisfaction in producing our own fermented food staples. Perhaps next we can experiment with making our own wine and beer . . . 🙂

Fermentation Starters

Home-made Sourdough and Yogurt Starters


5 thoughts on “Daily Bread

  1. Hi! I love your blog and the pictures of what you are doing and making. I am also into these things and for many years made my own bread products including croissants Easter breads etc etc. There is nothing so satisfying as you say, in sitting down to eat food you have grown prepared and loved during the process of preparation. I think it is the best way to live!

  2. I am finding – though it is my wife who is the ‘maker’, but I am as enthusiastic as her – that it is a process, perhaps a little way on a journey towards self-sufficiency that includes pleasure inherent in consuming things you have grown, prepared and made. I think bread is a stand-out in this process because its very physicality requires that hands-on attention and ‘love’ in the process, as you mention, and each loaf that comes out of the oven is a work of art to be admired, and savoured. Each one is different. My wife has just said to let you know she will have a go at making sour-dough croisants :). I’m encouraging her to post another page with more of her subsequent loaves (and her sour-dough pizzas). Well, they’re all so photogenic, too, aren’t they 🙂

  3. They are photogenic indeed and make me want to gobble them up! I can hear the crack of the crust as the knife hits it! I would be interested to know how the croissants go, they take ages!

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